Monday, November 7, 2011

accepting a gift

While on a family excursion to Home Depot yesterday
I recieved a gift from the universe. I have been looking for crepe myrtle to go in my front Charlie Brown bed. I call it a Charlie Brown bed because all of its inhabitants are rather puny.I have been searching (not diligently) for a couple of years and the right plant and right price never seemed to happen at the same time. 
Yesterday it did. Back behind magestic crepe myrtles, hidden and all by his lonesome was my shrub. He was little and scrawny (perfect for my bed) the color I wanted, and was in my price range. I snatched him up without a second thought and thanked the universe. I knew it was a gift. 
Today my ego has reared her ugly head. I find myself second guessing this gift. Should I have spent that money when we could use it somewhere else? We are trying so hard to pinch pennies and with birthdays and Christmas right around the corner, how dare I spend money on something as frivolous as a shrub!I find it so hard as a mother to buy something that maybe the whole family won't instantly benefit from. I am a little too practical sometimes. 
The answer came to me during a brief morning meditation and I mean BRIEF. But hey, I got an answer. My crepe myrtle was a gift. I knew when I saw it, I felt warmth and gratitude when I placed him in my cart. That is truth. That is gift. I should have received it and every time I look at him, I will remember when given a gift you accept it with love and gratitude. Don't analyze it, have the faith to know it was given for a reason. 
Now what better thing to spend a few dollars on than that lesson?! I think my family can definitely benefit from that!

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