the clan

Daddy WhiteElk
  My soul mate
met on a blind date
married him exactly one year to the date of that first date
knew instantly he was a blessing
loves the ocean, glides on it
 gave it up to live close to our families
lover of Earth
and awful 80's movies
 a remarkable father.

I refer to my babies by their animal totem. My oldest has been attached to the Badger for a very long time, if I asked him he would definitely day his totem was the badger. During my pregnancy with my second son, I had many owl dreams and felt a close connection with the bird. When he was born he had big bright eyes, he is my Owl. My first daughter, is my Little Bird, she just is. The youngest is my Deer, it was kind of the same thing as the Owl.I saw many deer and felt a strong connection while pregnant with her.

the Badger
My first born
a very passionate young man
lover of nature 
eager to learn

The Owl
My sensitive one
named for his grandfather Moonhawk
lover of music

Little Bird
My first daughter
catalyst for my enlightenment
sweetness personified
loves books

The Deer
My unrealized dream
completion of our clan
dimpled smile
the one who looks like me
loving voice