Saturday, December 10, 2011

Restoring balance

I have never been good at maintaining balance physically or mentally. It is catching up with me; I feel the blues seeping through cracks. This scares me. I'm not ready to be on medication and all that it entails. 

Today I am leaving my babes with their daddy in hopes I can find my balance. Say a prayer for me, and if any of you wonderful mamas have tips on how you keep balance, I would be honored if you would share.


  1. Oh goodness! I struggle sooo very much with this. My favorite way to balance out is with yoga... and simply just with one sequence (I think it's called the Sunrise or something like that, it has 3 moves involved). My therapist encourages breathing, which helps. I find comfort in the way she reminds me that I share a household with my family and just as I give them space sometimes, I can take time and space too. It's such a simple realization but one I never came across!

  2. i like that Ashley! I am very big on giving my peeps space, thanks for helping me see :)


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