Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It is very important to me for my babes to feel a connection to Mother Earth, to understand she has much to teach us about ourselves. I feel society has robbed so many of us of this. Replaced this insight into God, ourselves and each other, with technology, progress and "things". It baffles me that anyone who would believe in a higher power, would not make protecting everything created a huge priorityDon't get me wrong, technology is wonderful, as is progress, but as with anything there should be a balance. 

I received this book as a Christmas gift and it is full of wonderful ideas. Many of which I plan to make traditions in our family, in hopes to foster that deep connection. 

The next celebration is Imbolc, which falls on Groundhog Day. Many of these ancient Earth-honoring celebrations fall on or around present day holidays. Coincidence? I think that is a whole other blog post! Anyways, Imbolc celebrates the stirring of the seeds. The energy stirring deep in the earth as winter tapers off and life will begin to emerge. How exciting right?! Picturing roots "waking up" and seeds "vibrating" these images stir something in me as well. Just as they should for we are all connected. 

I am hoping by stopping and taking time to be present in this time with Mother Earth, I will better be able to harness my stirring energies, to propel me on my journey as well as my family's. Its all about being present and soaking it up! 

Can't wait to dive into the crafts and music the book suggests, with my own twists on it of course :) 

Pictures of the celebration to come....


  1. It's funny, this very topic has been on my mind, and your words resonate with me so. That book looks outstanding - I have added it to my wishlist, and I look forward to any sharing you decide to do as you create new traditions with your family.

  2. Beautiful!!

    I'm very excited about Imbolc. It's amazing when you realize how many holidays are taken from ancient Earth celebrations. :) I added the book to my wishlist, too.

    It always makes me sad to see just how many people disrespect our planet. Total disregard for the future generations, too.

    "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."

  3. beautiful.
    it's so important to keep that connection in tact as we ARE nature itself, and never separate.

  4. Other than Solstice and Equinox, which we've only recently begun celebrating, we really don't have any rituals surrounding Mother Earth. I think I would like to do this more, so I will have to check out this book :)!
    I love to watch my children when they are free to explore, climb, discover, and revel with nothing but the natural world available to them. It feels good to talk about the energy of the trees, the plants, the birds, the sunrise, the sunsets, and how this energy also resides in us. When one of my children is in a rotten mood. My husband or I pick that child up and go outside, and within minutes, that negative mood is gone, replaced by the healing energy of the wind, the sun, the sound in the trees. I was never taught these things, it just evolved over years of knowing that somehow I was connected to everything around me, and this connection was heightened any time I was in nature, in the mountains, in the seasons. Luckily, I married someone that felt the same need and spiritual connection, and though it has taken a few years, we are leaving all that we know behind to live somewhere where we are completely surrounded by it.

    Things are so different now aren't they? from how we grew up? We use to stay out till dark, play flashlight tag, and be called home by a bullhorn. The availability of the natural world was unquestionable. And now, the neglect is evident, the pull to video games and technology-powerful, the fear of what will be left for our children-palpable.

    I think we all need these rituals, we need to create a culture surrounded by love and concern for the things that give us life and give us a home. I could go on, but I won't. I know I'm preaching to the choir here :)..thanks for the pondering...

    I hope you share Imbolc with us so that we may celebrate with you! I think I would love that!!

  5. oh so delighted...i just bought this book. so much learning...thank you.


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