Friday, February 3, 2012

Joy Pockets #9

This week has been one of the greatest weeks I can ever remember! And to celebrate I am joining Monica and SouleMama! I have many Joy Pockets, but will narrow it down. 

celebrating Imbolc for the first time

feeling the shift within myself

my papa coming home

receiving a safe space to spill

getting excited again

rolling in the grass

sending hopes and dreams into the universe

breathing it all in


5 senses tour


  1. Oh, I can just feel your joy and it's a lovely thing! That photo is magical, and I'm thrilled to hear that your papa is home. So very happy for you!

  2. What a beautiful post - sharing feelings of joy and excitement! - there's such warm generosity in this.

  3. holy moly. That picture ROCKS! It's amazing!!!!
    what great pockets of joy!

  4. gorgeous photo....glad you had a beautiful imbolc, and your pockets are just wonderful. Yay for dad going home!!!


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