Friday, March 2, 2012

Joy pockets #13

So the blog is going through a transformation, not a planned one, but some of the best transformations are unplanned , right? But I couldn't let the unfinished appearance keep me from doing what makes me happy. You can't wait for everything to "be just right" to do what you wanna do. (One of my life lessons) With that being said  joining Mon, here be my Joy Pockets for the week...

me and the Badger dressed up as bear hunter for favorite book dress up day
reading the Lorax to the Badger's kindergarten class

adding spice to my wardrobe

watching the Owl's soccer practice (he is really good)

blogging from my couch ahhhh

finishing this book

hanging with my sisters

Little Bird's vocabulary exploding

and joining Soule Mama for this moment...

have a wonder-full weekend dear friends! xoxo


  1. never enough moments of watching them sleep, ay? soooo sweet!

    i would love couch blogging too. lol

    enjoy your weekend!

  2. Ahhh...enjoy the peace that comes with the babe's slumber! I am enjoying that same moment right now. Both kids are napping. Sweet respite.

    Here is my moment:

  3. WOW! That book looks amazing. I had never heard of her. Definitely going on the "to read" list.

    Happy weekend!!


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