Friday, March 30, 2012

keeping the charge

So Monica at Ink & Chai has started a post that keeps it real, showcasing the the ups and downs of her week. I am joining her,  acknowledging the positive and negative sides of my week hoping to maintain a balance.

frustrating talks with the husband
realizing the toll extra-curricular activities takes on the family
growing pains for an independent 19 month old
pollen, pollen, pollen
The Badger deciding it was time to cut his beautiful, blonde locks
not being able to do everything
put me to bed headache

compromising with the husband
The Owl scoring his first soccer goal 
a Sunday afternoon where all was right in my world
Honoring my son's wish to cut his beautiful, blonde locks
"Start here now" approach to dragging feet
healing from last week
a book from my mama
fish tacos and a margarita

Wishing you a balanced and bliss-full weekend. xoxo


  1. i've never had fish tacos....

    so glad there was compromise found. they're our toughest talks, with those closest to us.

    aw, to the locks.they grow too fast!

    i'm glad you're joining us, i know you're totally getting this balance thing.

  2. I love how you wrote frustrated talks and comprising with the husband on both lists....excellent and fun!!!
    "start here now" attitude - I love it!
    nice blog!

  3. I still have a lock from my son's beautiful blonde hair, he expects his own offspring soon, the cycle goes on, nice to meet you at 'keeping it real'.

    BTW Talking about keeping it real, my love and I still have those frustrating talks!

  4. Not being able to do everything! Yes!! but girl, with four darlings, I think bet you do alot :)! Uggh for pollen, and frustrating talks with hubs--hear you yes I do! and hooray for compromise! Wishing you more wonderful days like your sunday afternoon!

    have a great weekend Jess!

  5. Nice peaks and valleys- I love this Friday posting of Mons too. It's a great way to show all of it.

  6. I am really loving this balance thing, and will have to join in starting next week. I appreciate the way you show the low and high points of the same issues, too - the loss of your son's locks and learning to honor his wish, the frustration and the compromise. It's easy to forget that the "low" experiences have a positive side, or to try to push away the difficult emotions and gloss over the tough things to make them wholly positive. You're as real as it gets, my friend <3


Thank you so much for bringing your energy! It fills me up to see your comments xoxo