Saturday, April 21, 2012

Respect Yo' Mama

One thing a "holiday" does, is it forces you to celebrate/act how you should on every other day. Such is true of Earth Day. We should honor our Mother Earth everyday, thankful for all the riches she affords us, protecting her against all things that could cause her harm. The Earth is such a gift to us, one we should not squander.
Hug a tree today, no really hug it and feel the magic and gift it brings. Smell a flower, really smell it and feel the joy and relief it can bring. Respect your Mother today, for without her you would not be here.


Much love to you friends (now go plant or water or hug something)  xo


  1. Happy Earth Day, every day!

    Lovely post, Jess!!

  2. Happy Earth Day to you too, sweet mama.
    Now I'm going to check out the video!

  3. Oooo I loved that video! And your post title cracked me up! We had a very rainy Earth Day that forced us indoors but with every rain drop I couldn't help but think about a momma tending to those she loved :) Hope your week is full of lovely wonder!

  4. This was a lovely thing to see on Earth Day - even if I'm just around to saying so days later ;) What you say about holidays is so true, too. Sad, but true.


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