Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Ahhh... this is one of my highlights for the week. Thrifting runs deep through my veins, satisfying my creative needs, my "save the Earth" heart and my anti-commercialism views.  So Cory said we are not required to do a thrift store purchase every week, we are "allowed" to branch out. I am doing just that this week. I didn't purchase either of my goodies; one was re-purposed and the other I found at my parents' house. 

 This is a "case" I made for my kindle. I used an old pair of blue jeans, my grandmother's vintage fabric and an old leather bracelet that didn't quite fit me.

I made this real quick one night before dinner and cut a few corners aka using the bracelet for a closure (no button or snap or even tie) I think it turned out alright, I mean hey, it functions. 

This is the little gem I found at my parents'. I didn't even know they had it, but it is like forty years old. I was like "how come I didn't know you had this book?" My mom was like "I don't know, you want it?" and I was like "uh yeah!" SCORE! D and I can't wait to dig into all it's goodness.

Joining Cory with a thrifty state-of-mind.


  1. Your kindle case is lovely! I have been looking at cases for mine, but now I'm thinking I should just make something. I'm not terrible good with fabrics, but felt should do ;)

    As for the book - fantastic find!

  2. Love the ereader cover! That is clever and I really like the vintage fabric that greets you when you open it up. Free book has be sold every single time :)

  3. but that is so cool! that you made it and how, and such a thrifty cover for such a techy product. lol

  4. I love it!!! I have a couple pairs of jeans that I loved so much that, even though I've put numerous patches on them, they've become too threadbare to wear. But, I can't get rid of them. You've given me a really sweet idea as to what to do with them. :)

    OMG - I would be devouring that book!! What a great find, and to know your parents hands graced the pages. Nice!!

    1. i had a feeling you would appreciate the book. :)

  5. holy moley that pouch is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am really inspired. It's just, mine won't look that cute. I just know it.
    I love the book too as I love finding stuff at my folks place that has been there for years and I love (and they want to get rid of, finally.)
    Excellent post. this is JUST what I am hoping people will feel inspired to do.

  6. How awesome is that kindle case!?!?! Girl, you could totally sell those! Love love love!


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