Wednesday, May 23, 2012

'round here

'round here we are

tending flowers
enjoying much needed evening rain and sunny days
eating picnic lunches 
building new Lego sets
trying recipes from this book 
receiving immensely strong animal medicine
getting projects in order
trying to get a jump on no school routine (we will all go crazy without one) 
listening to some Amos Lee, Gregory Alan Isakov and birdies 
planning parties 
still light, I'm going for a record here people


  1. Yay for joy, for colorful flowers, for sweet moments with your kiddos, for yummy food, and so much more! That cookbook looks divine! I could only see pictures of the desserts but that was plenty for me :) And I would love to hear what kind of summer schedule your whipping up. Summer starts next week for us and I know I need to get something set up for them. Nothing intense just helps keeps us all sane :) Happy Wednesday to you!

  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! Tupelo Honey is one of my very very favorite restaurants- it's right here in Asheville! SO good. Best fried green tomatoes, best biscuits (they serve them to you with honey and raspberry jam, instead of chips or bread, with every meal)..... I got the book out from our library a couple times and decided I need to just buy it since there are so many great little local side stories.

    I have no idea where you are.... but if ever you are here, eating at that fine establishment, we must dine together ;)


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