Friday, June 15, 2012

For Real

What a strange couple of weeks this has been, a convoluted web of days. I finally gave up trying to sort it all out (exhaustion, frustration) and am taking the faithfull steps of doing. You definitely won't go anywhere if you don't start walking. Joining Monica for Keeping it Real...

digging a hole way too deep
giving a frustrating situation too much thought
being extra sensitive
neglecting things
arriving late to a concert

The Deer taking off and wanting do as big kids do
digging a hole
watching the boys' first dives
Kimbra/Foster the People concert with my sister
pulling off a party for my youngest sister
the most beautiful weather all year

Wishing you all a wondrous weekend!! xo


  1. i love the stop and go energetically, things that get us down really do "stop" us...
    that said, in the end...we grow and learn from those things too; love your honesty.

  2. So glad there has been been some joy among the intensity of your week. I've been thinking of you! Have a lovely, balancing weekend!

  3. hay sounds like there's been some parties in your life and music love... remind me what one looks like again!

  4. A fellow Capricorn, well Hi, we are wonderful, it's true nobody really knows how much wonder we hold but it's deeper than a fish, it's the earth under the ocean!

    1. Yes a Cap with a Pisces rising and Pisces moon (I am a bit of a mess), but knowing is half the battle right?!


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