Friday, September 21, 2012


Do you remember seven? It was one of my favorite ages. Encompassing the magic and wonder and the confidence and knowledge to conquer all.

Seven is also on the brink, not a little kid, but not a teenager. This is where seven can be hard, where the light of who you are may see its first dwindle. Figuring out how to deal with this new seven year old mind, body and emotions can be very trying.

The Badger turned seven a couple of weeks ago (he has informed me he now sees himself as wolf) and in honor of this special year, the Wolf was given his own flint. He started our campfire, never giving up, striking his flint with calm, purpose for almost five minutes. When his sparks lit a flame, his face was that fire's biggest rival. The fire lasted for two whole days.

I hope that moment is etched in his memory, and when the trials of seven bring him down, all he has to do is remember he has the power to create light and warmth.


  1. how awesome is that???!!!
    love how he changed himself to wolf as well
    another stage for him in many ways

    love and light

  2. My girly is close to 7 and I am noticing the changes, that light is so important, I remember my own dimming... What a fantastic idea... a flint sparking your own fire- super cool might have to try it. x

  3. Wolf - a powerful and untamed spirit. :)

    I struggled with B when she turned 7, not that she was giving me trouble, but it took me a while to figure out how to help her. Not a little kid, but not the teen mentality, either. Now at 9, it's becoming a lot easier. She's really coming into her own, knowing her own mind and what she wants, likes, etc. She's really blooming. And, she's recently developed a connection with Wolf. Drawing pictures of them, writing about them in poems. Listening to their howls at night while she drifts off to sleep (it's really coyote, but I don't want to correct her. I love that she's establishing a natural connection with the animal world.)

    p.s. - many wishes for a very happy first birthday!!!!! enjoy the celebrations!


  4. fabulous.

    seven is a very powerful turning point. psychologically, astrologically, developmentally.... it's a biggie.
    may his year be full of magic, strength, and learning.

  5. what a beautiful thing to do for a blessingway into 7.
    My little one is 6 and there are so many changes. It is bittersweet to see them find out more about the world....

  6. M is on the last few months of being 7. It has been a magical age for her. An age where reading began, learning how to be a friend, learning how to ride a bike, and learning that her voice is just important as anyone else's, despite being the youngest... I know you will enjoy 7, as will he...

    ps. M is obsessed with wolves right now and wants me to make her a wolf costume--aiyaiyai...

  7. Ahhhh seven...I do remember that in-between feeling. Very thankful to watch you walk the road ahead. You are such an encouraging momma! Happy weekending to you :)

  8. A happy happy birthday to the Wolf!


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