Friday, January 25, 2013

callin in the light

enjoying their new yoga dvd

There are clouds and ice outside my window today, and I have been in the bed for day 2, probably a cold or perhaps a Chronic Fatigue flare up. Either way, I am visited sporadically by my light walkers. Hugs, waves, blown kisses are the best meds and I am soakin it up.

They have been enthralled in their new yoga dvd, asking to do it daily, sometimes more than once. It makes me happy, it brings me peace to hear them shout their affirmations.

Getting well, being strong, basking in the light that surrounds me. Those are my plans for the weekend.

 have a lovely weekend friends


  1. Sounds like a good plan for the weekend. Rest up. And your littles are so precious!

  2. Oh I hope you feel better soon!!! This photo is absolutely precious...

  3. Light walkers is such an appropriate term. I love the photo of them as yogis, too. I hope you're out of bed now and had a wonderful weekend, or will be back to normal soon, at least.


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