Monday, November 14, 2011


I am tired today. Yesterday was a long day, and while I survived it, I am not proud of how it went down. There was a lot of scatteredness, whining (both by kids and adults) and it was even peppered with a shout or two. Exhale. Again, exhale

I hate those days, the ones you are just trying to survive. When you are so tired and your house is a wreck and you feel as though you are under a mountain of crap. No matter what you do, you can't quite get it done. All the while, babies need to nurse, toddlers need to be fed and big boys are bored. But, above all, little ones need love and attention. While trapped under this mountain I too often forget that. My to do list and basic food and diaper changes are what's on my radar. "I will read that book in a minute" (it never gets read), "You don't need me to watch you ride your bike". This makes for a very long day. Exhale. Your babies forgive you. 

I am learning bad days happen. Let them go. If I continue to beat myself up about it, today will be a bad day too. In order to truly survive I need joy and I won't get that from my to do list. I get that from arms around my neck, a silly song or a new feat discovered. Exhale. Smile. 

Today I am going to nap, snuggle with my babies and Exhale. The mess will get cleaned up. Sometime.

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