Tuesday, November 15, 2011


When the Badger came home from school the first words out of is mouth were, "Is the Elf on the Shelf here?" We have never met the Elf on the Shelf and the boys were very eager to see what he was all about. I told them I had not seen an elf. The Badger then said, "Mom is the Elf really real?" I responded that I had never seen him in real life, but that I did find this mixed in with the mail.
When they opened this note their eyes lit up. "He is real!" Shortly there after the Elf was discovered and named, Rascal, though Presenty Spy was a close second. We read the story of how the Elf works and listens to wishes. The boys were in awe as was I. How could this little felt and plastic dude bring so much joy to my babes? MAGIC. 

In a world so full of pain and suffering, children have magic. It is just as easy to believe an Elf is watching and listening as it is to believe the sky is blue. I will work hard to maintain that sense of magic in my children. Not to deceive or trick them, but to help them remember the feeling. 

So thank you Rascal, for helping bring magic to our clan. We look forward to spending many holidays with you. 

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  1. aaaah! I JUST ordered mine TODAY! I saw it on another blog and simply adored the idea. Haha, I can't wait to hide him all around our home! The handwritten note was such a good idea too! What a cool way to introduce him!


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