Friday, November 18, 2011

joy pockets

I am in some serious need of joyful reminders this week, as I feel like I have been Robot Mommy most of the time. Thankfully one of my favorite blogs Holistic Mama does Joy Pockets and has inspired me to remember... 

Daddy returns tonight after a six day trip (the longest he has ever been away) and little ones are busy making welcome home cards. Oh how we have missed his silliness, he is our constant source of joy and we plan to attack him with a full on hug assault!

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  1. aw, they must be excited. making cards is a nice way to channel that feeling.
    have a lovely weekend, with daddy home.

  2. What a good idea! Sometimes we make 'just because' cards for family members. Aiden loves giving them away!

  3. It's not easy holding down the fort when daddy is gone! I'm sure he'll love the cards- sounds like a fun way to be greeted!

  4. Homemade cards are the best! :)


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