Friday, November 11, 2011

While doing a quick search this morning, in between baths and baking gingerbread for tomorrow's party, I found this at holistic mama. I feel as though I have found what I have been longing for, other like minded mamas. Sigh, I am NOT alone. There are others like me, which means my children's peers will be like minded as well, thank you UNIVERSE! 
I declared this and may day already feels better! 
Mindful Mama - Authentic Self
: a declaration 

Parenthood is a gift.
I have many passions.
My child is my heart.
I am a multifaceted being.
My child's needs come before my own.
Not 'in place of' my own.
Nothing is a sacrifice.
I choose to do from love.
I am there when my child needs me.
I take space for myself.


  1. welcome to the community. :)

    it's good to feel you're not alone isn't it. when i first wrote about this i felt alone and then there were so many who came out and said - this is me!

  2. This is truly unbelievable! My own gift from the universe! I'm thrilled to have heard from you! I am learning (slowly) that I too long for a more holistic livelihood... especially when it comes to the world I raise my babies in! Where are you at in NE GA? I'm in Toccoa...

    feel free to email me at

  3. and don't forget to enter my giveaway! I just need you to comment on the giveaway post so I know you want to be! :)


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