Thursday, November 10, 2011


 On day six of my blog adventure I was feeling a little drained. I have much going on right now in the forms of cleaning and getting ready for two parties. I am stressed. I am having those "how am I going to survive this?" feelings. Well, I know I am going to survive it, but will it meet my standards. That is the real issue.  

So I go where I usually go when I want to escape and pretend I have no worries (because I really don't) to my favorite blogs. This morning I found Soule Mama's entry from yesterday. Please check it out!

I find it so wonderful how she can stop and do the things that really matter. I yearn to be more like that, to do things my soul as well as my children's souls need to do and not over analyze my decision. This is my goal today. While in the midst of party preparation, remember this is a celebration of the birth of two amazing souls; it should be treated as such! Don't let my ego ruin it. 

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