Friday, December 16, 2011

Joy Pocket #4

Thanks to Mon at Holistic Mama for hosting Joy Pockets!
Here are mine for the week...

Receiving the time and space to heal

A 4 year old boy who will entertain himself for hours

Love and support

Handmade Christmas presents made by little hands

Checking many things off a to-do list despite being sick

A handmade shawl from someone I have never met in colors I would have picked myself

The smell of spiced nuts filling my house

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman re-runs

The start of winter break at school

Quality time with my mama

5 senses tour

1 comment:

  1. hoping you heal quickly- I need a good cleanse myself- unfortunately, I have to take meds on a regular basis for RA - I've just started essential oils from love her!

    4 yr old boy who plays for hours is a wonderful thing! my oldest 2 always did - #3 NOT so much! :)


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