Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I went to work today. The first time in eight months. Granted it was at home and I worked on this blog, but still it was a giant leap for me and my family. It is so hard for me to pull myself out of the circus, especially when it is next door. I feel as though I must be there every minute to monitor everything, ease a crying babe, change a diaper, nurse, you know be the mama.

One of my New Year's intentions is to get my things in order and take time and space for myself. I have always known a happy mommie makes for happy children but always felt way too guilty to ever "indulge" in my things.  This year I am indulging (it also doesn't hurt that Daddy WhiteElk said one of his intentions was to do anything he had to do to help me indulge. love this man)

A short list of my indulgences
1. Work on blog
2. Get Etsy shop up and running
3. Finish my children's book
4. Play more music and get back to songwriting for my babes
5. Yoga, Yoga, Yoga and Yoga
7. Learn to knit

Wow that short list looks a little long.... Mmmmmmm. Maybe because I have put off my stuff for so long it has built up. Its ok. I can do this. I am Mama.

And what better way to indulge than to have a master bedroom makeover?! We got new bedding and I received a beautiful mandala handmade by my aunt. It took its sacred place above the bed.  


  1. What a beautiful thing, taking time for yourself. You seem to have landed yourself a wonderful partner, too. Hooray for being supported! Congratulations in advance on all you'll accomplish ;)

  2. First of all, your bed and bedding is gorgeous!! I love all the shapes and patterns, and the dream catcher/mandala is wonderful. Your list of intentions sound terrific too, you are quite a talented lady :). I look forward to watching you grow and endeavor towards your dreams and indulgences. And go girl with the knitting! I promise, once you do, you will be hooked!!


  3. with me, the creativity surges were so strong they were impossible to ignore. it has not been an easy journey. i gave my time to my girl, staying home, but i absolutely needed to do so much else, which there was little time for with a velcro-babe lol

    but yes, we are many things, and children are richer for seeing mama be true to herself.

  4. Thanks Melissa, it is nice to be supported, isn't it?! So glad my sons have the male role models they do. I am very lucky.

  5. MJ, I haven't had big girl bedding in a looong time. It is really nice to have and I am surprised at the difference it has made in other aspects of my life. I am very excited about knitting. Most of the outlets I have require so much energy and space (they either make a mess or are loud) I am hoping knitting will be my little chill outlet.

  6. I know what you mean Mon! It was actually your mindful mama authentic self post that shifted something in me! I was so afraid to give into my creativity for fear it would take over and I would neglect my babes. I pushed it away, pretended it didn't exist and something worse happened than neglecting the children. I got soo lost and disconnected. Your words showed me a path I felt safe enough to travel. I am eternally grateful!


Thank you so much for bringing your energy! It fills me up to see your comments xoxo