Friday, January 6, 2012

Joy Pocket #5

It's Friday, Joy Pocket time! As always thank you to Mon for hosting such a gift!

Sibling love
A master bedroom makeover
New books, new books (will do report on them soon)
Possibility of something big, scary and wonderful coming our way
Setting intentions
Keeping said intentions up
Turning over a new leaf
Making new connections with old and new people
A little one's new favorite saying, "hey mama"
planning a sister's wedding 


  1. wonderful pockets, and yes please do report on the new books!! and will we get to hear on the big scary and wonderful? I hope so!! weddings--oooo- I just love them!! How fun to be able to plan your sister's!
    Happy weekend to you!!

  2. The sibling love is so very sweet, and I love that phase when talking to mama is one of the most pleasurable things a little one can do. I'm with MJ - super curious about this big scary and wonderful thing! I look forward to hearing about that if you decide to share. Have a beautiful weekend!


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