Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just something to think about....

I was just thinking, sometimes it is the smallest steps that make the biggest difference on our journey. Cheers to small steps as I have taken many of them this week! 

Oh and is this something you "tweet" and not post? Maybe I should take a small step into the tweet world :)


  1. Yes! YES! I have as well, so I completely share your joy of success!

    I heard something that made me think of you this week actually. For some reason, I figured you might appreciate it.

    My therapist, Linda, told me about a book her Zen teacher wrote called "When You're Falling, Jump!"... that saying has totally become my motto.


  2. Also, totally putting your button on my site!

  3. Sounds like you have one really great therapist! How lucky you are. I like that saying and chewed on it for a while, like I always do. Made me think about when I "fall" not only do I need to jump, but float as well. To be light and soak up my experiences and give each one room to breathe, room to be and give myself the space to make the choice I need to make. Thank you Ashley Marie, for making me think even more... I LOVE IT!!!!

    Thanks for grabbing my button xo

  4. I am extremely lucky to have such an open guide in Linda!


Thank you so much for bringing your energy! It fills me up to see your comments xoxo