Thursday, February 23, 2012

Check this out

We are making our way into all natural healing and with four babies "learning" all the new things has been trying for me (especially since my memory stinks) I stumbled across this post today from a site I love This Whole Family. You got to check out the info she has on making your own natural home remedy box.

*My posts have been scattered lately and not as I imagined they would be (in content and number) Thank you for still checking in, truly! I am anticipating a shift towards my imagined blog, gentle Jess, be gentle with yourself- this too is part of the ride 


  1. i have a drawer like that. i only use natural (99% anyways). i used to make lots of herbal tinctures, but now just use essential oils and easy bought natural stuff.

  2. I'm such a believer in natural medicine. My medicine cabinet is filled with herbs and essential oils. Have fun on your natural journey!! It can be overwhelming at times. Just take it step by step, one bit of information at a time. I have a recipe box (like one used for cooking recipes) filled with recipes for herbal and natural medicine and homemade shampoos, lotions, etc.


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