Saturday, February 18, 2012

Joy Pockets #11

This week has been one of those weeks. Emotional breakdowns around every corner from the adults down to every babe. I am worn, through and through. A little Joy Pockets (while a bit forced this week) may be the lighthouse I need in this fog. 

baking in a new "old" stove (my estate sale find from last week)

finally reading a book that isn't self help or parenting

doing a little sewing

the possibility of a laptop

first big girl bangs and pig tails

a new opportunity courtesy of Obatori

Have an amazing weekend xoxo!


  1. phew, sounds like a tough one. i hope even forcing these pockets out gave you a glimpse that there were good things.
    congrats on the stove find!
    i loved when i made her first pigtails, only months ago!

    edit: the new word verification is horrid! have you considered getting rid of it?

  2. oh my gosh! those are great pockets! A new old stove? it vintage? is it rad? come on LETS SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry you had a hard week- I get it.
    But you know what? Your joy pockets are great.

    1. Oh I wish it were vintage! I guess I should have said a new pre-owned stove. Ours was awful. I hadn't successfully baked a batch of cookies in ages.

  3. Oh! I'm sorry to hear about the breakdowns... there must be something going around. I've spent 3 days a nervous wreck myself. I'm finally pulling out of it though, and it's relieving to know that it won't last!

    I'm glad you're reading a book that isn't self help or parenting, haha! I take a break every now and again and just accept what and who and where I am. I've discovered it helps me find my bearings... which are often misplaced. I get so overwhelmed trying to succeed. Actually, now that I talk about it, is EXACTLY why I've been so down. How amazing!

    Gah, I wish we could have coffee. <3


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