Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love...

I know Valentine's Day was created for capitalist ventures and everyday we should celebrate love, but let's face it not everyone is a free-thinker. Some are need to be sheep and follow the flock. Some need to be told February 14th is the day you show your love (and please do so with Hallmark Cards and a huge box of chocolates) 
Now hold on, don't you go thinking this is an anti-Vday post. On the contrary, it is NOT. If some need to be reminded to show love that is fine by me. I mean I wish it weren't so, but it is. That being said, celebrate LOVE. Be joyful there is a day picked out to remind those who need to be reminded TO LOVE. Its a wonderful thing. And for those who don't need a Valentine's Day to remember, aren't we lucky?! Here are a few things I am loving this morning...

The maple buds who missed the predicted frost
baby laughter
how my dimples are leaving wrinkle lines in my cheeks
warm tea
little boys and their laundry stained with adventures

Love to you dear friends xoxo


  1. couldn't agree more....valentines day, mother and fathers day...we just basically don't give a darn...whatever the fun the kids have with them is great and other than that, as you see is as well, every day is Valentines Day.

  2. loving that you're loving your dimple-wrinkles!

  3. read about you above and I too am a mother of soon to be 4 under the age of 6 :-)

  4. Love this, you are so very right Jess. Especially these days when people just seem so darn busy all the time. Lately I need reminders for everything! Why not for love too :).


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