Friday, February 10, 2012

Joy pockets #10

I cannot believe it is already Friday! How did that happen? This week has been short and long all at the same time. You know those weeks?
Over the weekend, my dad had to go back into the hospital (he was home for one day). On Tuesday, we found out his aorta was severely infected and if it was not replaced he would die within a matter of days. The surgery was very risky, due to the length of the infected aorta and his weakened physical state. We were having to have the "if I don't make it through this" talk. It was horrible to say the least. Well, happy to report the surgery went amazingly well and he is already moving out of ICU (a lot sooner than expected) I am so proud of him! A man who has numerous times wished he could leave this place. He has found reason to live and beaten all the odds. This is my #1 Joy Pocket for the week year! 
Other joy pockets for the  week...

big sister and little sister moments

a handmade scarf in the mail from a brand new friend


estate sale finds

peppermint tea

a family date night consisting of pancakes and a book store

finding "lost" music

5 senses tour

Happy weekend dear friends! 


  1. man, what a horribly tense and difficult time for you all. my FIL had a heart attack a couple of years ago (which he survived) and we didn't even get the chance for The Talk. just another reminder ay?

    glad all is well and love your other joy pockets especially naps - which i'm not managing at the moment. :)

  2. Oh goodness my friend, the roller coaster ride you have been on lately!!!!! I am so so glad everything went well--pure joy!!!! Adorable little sister moment, and you must share your estate sale finds--please!!! And love the song, love love love.... and that is one cool grooveshark widget!!! I must look for that!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend Jess, may it be peaceful knowing that all is well...

  3. So happy your dad is ok. Wow... that must have been so emotional and intense...I can't imagine.
    And I love the picture of your littles.
    Life is full of so much, so many things.
    I hope you are having a peaceful rest of your weekend.

  4. Hello!
    I just popped over from Mon's place, and am so glad I did. I've enjoyed poking around your blog. It's lovely to meet you -- I've got you in my reader now. ;)


    1. Thanks so much for finding me Stacy... I love meeting new and interesting mamas.


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