Friday, March 9, 2012

Joy Pockets #14

Well, well, well. Joy Pockets with Mon and this moment with Amanda. One of the highlights of my week (I gotta find a way to do these in the stillness of night with a glass of red) Whoa talk about joy overload!
my moment

music set to repeat metronoming my soul

little sharing with big

a purchased surf-mobile for the hubby bringing his spirit a little medicine

dinner with in-laws

miraculous comeback #3 for my father

a sister slumber party

new glasses (finally) 

reconnecting with words (oh how I missed them) 

warm weather and sunshine

Wishing you a sweet weekend xoxo


  1. all lovely, but my fave has got to be,
    "miraculous comeback #3 for my father"
    go dad!

    have a sweet weekend.

  2. Coolest fort ever!! And hurray for dad!!!!! So happy for him and for you!!!! "metronoming my soul" Love that....
    missed ya friend!

  3. congrats for your dad! that is awesome!
    I love your list. All great things!
    New glasses are important and...what is a surf mobile? my hubby was an avid surfer before he had a family and had to work so much...he misses it.


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