Friday, March 23, 2012

Keeping the charge

I think energy is super important. The kind we emit and the kind we receive. I personally am very sensitive to energy, bad energy can really throw me for a loop. Like put me in a major funk or the bed kind of loop.  I was recently reminded, thanks to my science-minded husband, that energy is made up of these little thingys called atoms. And guess what? They are made up positive, negative and neutrally charged particles. Yep. Positive AND negative particles. It requires both to keep a balance. To have a charge.

"So does that mean that positive energy has negatively charged particles and negative energy has positive charged particles?"  I wonder. Wow, this is a little deep for my mama-drained brain at 10:00 at night. 

Anyway, it also appears to me, that in the energy/scientific world, positive is just positive, and negative is just negative. Nothing more, tis what it tis. What?! Negative is not bad, its just the opposite of positive?
Now I am not saying there isn't a difference in bad energy and good energy. I think there is. What I am saying, if the negative must exist with the positive, you know that whole yin yang thing, instead of trying to avoid it ALL the time (like I do because its bad) I should be with it. That I should be an observer of the negative stuff and try not to be yanked around by it. When I am constantly fighting (which in itself is bad energy) the negative, it makes my life much worse. I do the whole punishing myself thing for not being happy, or thankful or positive.
Some people can do the whole only focus on the positive and it works for them (lucky dogs), for me personally, I need to achieve balance by honoring both the positive and the negative sides of my life. To soak up the positive and not judge the negative (eloquently put by this smart mama) and stay centered regardless.

Keeping the charge
getting off bedtime routines
a baby that doesn't nap
no mama and daddy time
earaches, fevers and  dr. visit 
not enough veggies
lack of fuel for my passions

unexpected weeknight help
Little Bird sharing a new word every day
a welcome home BBQ for my dad (complete with fireworks)
extra love from my boys
successful trip to town
cool spring breezes
a sister dream possibly coming to fruition

I was inspired to do this last week by Monica, and this week she is sharing her highs and lows. I think this will be a great exercise for me.  Seeing what I have gone through and remembering all the highlights that occurred, hopefully will be very empowering. 


  1. the only time i use the words positive and negative, is when discussing with others who use such terms, out of ease of communication. but i personally say beneficial or not.
    even negative 'bad' energy has its uses. so what matters is if a particular energy is right for me at this time.

    so glad you'll be joining me. it really makes me feel more fulfilled sharing the wholeness of life. i do like to finish with the highs, but as you say, honouring both.

    and oh boy i could have written some of this myself after today - earaches and lack of sleep and exhaustion.... sigh.
    intrigued by the 'sister dream'.

    enjoy your weekend mama bear!

  2. Such a lovely way to look at the positive and negative.

    Hope the earaches and fevers have left. Extra love is always good! :)

    Happy weekend!

  3. I hope everyone is feeling better. Listing positives always puts me in such a happy frame of mind :)

  4. You know, for me, it's not that I never accepted the negatives--or what I call the dark sides, the lows. They were always there and I can acknowledge them regardless. They are just as essential as the light, and have even taught me acceptance, gratitude, and inspired growth. Being a Taoist as heart, I know that the dance between dark and light is completely natural. What is new to me though, is to acknowledge and embrace them. This idea first came to me in the Soul Restoration ecourses by the Brave Girl's Club (highly recommend) as part of one of their projects. To actually love the parts that I disliked most about myself? It was life changing. And I think this practice that Mon has started, and that you have joined in so beautifully here, is a wonderful and perfect extension to this idea. You know I will have to join both of you...thanks Jess, for being an inspiration...

  5. Another insightful way to look at this subject of the negative vs. the "bad." You got me thinking about all of this, and now you're pushing me to dig even deeper. I really appreciate your insights! I'm loving this recording of the highs and lows, too. It feels so much more authentic - which is not to say recording the joys by themselves is inauthentic, but there really is value in honoring all of our experiences.

    I hope the illnesses there have passed!


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