Tuesday, March 27, 2012

less one sleeps

My babies have always been pretty good sleepers. My tiniest, however, is not. She rarely takes naps, and if she does they last maybe 15 minutes for a good one. Bedtime? Well I am lucky if she is asleep by 10:00. Sigh. Embrace, Jess, embrace. This is how it is right now and it is ok. 

Why am I telling you this? Its a step towards my embracing. I cannot post as much as I would like. My thoughts are scattered throughout the day written on expo boards, notepads, old homework, bills, etc. More than half of those thoughts never make it to a post, and the ones that do, well they don't come out exactly as I would like for them to. I know I have typos (i hate typos) but I just tell myself at least I am giving my thoughts and dreams a voice.

I want to sincerely thank all my blog friends, who show me love regardless of my faults and have welcomed me into their circles. For me, this is the key to our changing of the world for our babies. Being gentle with ourselves and with each other.While I am writing this the Deer is on her blanket next to me exhausted and fussy, smiling every time I look her way. Its time to go and tend...

My senses shared with Monica
taste: fresh iced sweet tea
see: new shelves full of old stuff
hear: Kalai 
smell: garlic chicken
think: this too shall pass
feel: brave


  1. Sending sleepy energy to your little one, I hope that nap time and bed time improves!

  2. ooh, i have a draft in post that questioning 'this too shall pass'... lol

    yum to garlic chicken.

    i think you know our sleep issues have been one of the biggest challenges of my life? i totally understand what lack of adequate sleep does to a person. and lack of time alone, quietness....

    those little notes, that never make them into a post... treasure them for what they are. you are getting stuff out, expressing yourself, giving a voice to thoughts. that's vital. don't think of what they could or ought to turn into, know them as gems in themselves.

    1. "this too shall pass" is one of my favs b/c it reminds me that all time is fleeting, the difficult and the wonder-full, helps me to be present in it.

      I am a different person on low sleep (someone I don't like too much) sometimes she is consuming.

      You are so wise Monica and continue to teach me so very much.

  3. oh my goodness she is ADORABLE. *liberally sprinkles kisses*

    loving you.

  4. I always enjoy what you do end up sharing here, and love what Monica had to say about the rest. I'm grateful to share and share alike in this virtual space - I always gain something when I visit.

    And sleep. Oh, sleep. In some strange way, it's not to know we're not the only ones who struggle, but I do hope you can get the rest you need, most of the time.

    1. Community is one of the greatest gifts to the human race, oh if we would all use it!
      It does help to know you don't suffer alone or that at least someone gets it. And hey, what's two years without good sleep?! Just kidding, that really wasn't funny to me :)


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