Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Ooo, ooo, ooo! I am so excited. Cory over at Lady Cordelia has begun hosting Thrifty Thursday. I adore thrifting and really learned the ropes over eight years ago from my mother-in-law, who learned it from her mother an avid dumpster diver and garage sale guru.

We have a few little thrift stores in our town, but my favorite is the community thrift store that donates  the majority of the money back in our town. I "rent" things from there as a lot of what I purchase there gets donated right back. It makes me feel all fuzzy inside, helping the planet and it's human inhabitants all at the same time. Now on to the juicy stuff...

All of the above were found at the community thrift store. I love me some white bud vases. The two smaller ones were $0.50 and the tall one was $1.50. Now those teal candleholders. Oh how I am in love with those teal candleholders. I got them for $2.00 for the pair! Yep. They have some chipped paint but that gives them some character, right. 

The bottom of my beloved candleholders. I like to romanticize about their Danish past-life.  

Happy Thrifting....


  1. I love a good bud vase! Now that a move is on the horizon for us, I'm getting giddy thinking about all the things we'll have access to again, and a good thrift store is definitely on the list!

  2. love love love love!
    beautiful finds, friend!
    If you ever get tired of the blue candleholders, I'm your girl.

  3. Beautiful candle holders! What a wonderful thing for your town to do, I need to let our mayor know about this.

  4. Holy amazing candle holders!!!! And, I love chippy paint. The more chipped the better!

  5. what treasures!! I came across the thrifting thursday too late to post this week, but i'll be joining in next week for sure....those candle holders are going to be really hard to top!!!

  6. You did get some thrifty finds, my favorite is the last photo!!!


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