Friday, March 16, 2012

Embracing the negative

Fridays are usually my Joy Pockets days. This week something feels different. I think it all started last week actually, when Rain from Sacred Life, asked us to write a love letter to someone we love deeply. I wrote my letter and something moved in me. I cried while composing the letter and then most of the day.

My letter was to my human self, who I had fallen out of love with long ago. This letter sparked something inside that clicked the gentleness I have been seeking into a tangible place. Earlier this week I was reminded of Bear medicine and I am truly feeling the beginning of the balance I have yearned for. A balance reached only by embracing both sides, the positive and the negative.

Why must the "negative" be negative. It is a powerful way to grow. A POWERFUL way to grow. If we act as though it is something we must overcome instead of something we must embrace and work through, I am afraid we are losing something valuable.

Mon (wonderful Mon) did a post today at Ink & Chai embracing positive and negative aspects of her week. I love this and hope she does this on a weekly basis, as I feel a shift towards this kind of outlook.

Hope this isn't too deep for Friday, but it is what it is and had to be posted today for some reason...

Have a great weekend. Embrace all that happens, the positive and the negative and reconnect with yourself. I have grown to love you all xoxo


  1. No, not too deep at all. In fact it takes a lot of courage to open these parts of ourselves for all to see. You have done it beautifully. I have had much catching up to do here in your space. It seems that you have just continued to blossom over the past couple weeks. I know where you are and it all floods back to me as I read your letter to yourself and your Bear post, it hit me square in the chest and a quiet began to spread within. I am happy for you Jess, there is balance and peace here....have a beautiful weekend...

  2. i have drawn a blank, i would like better (still simple) terms than plus and minus, but they were the least emotive at least.

    what a wonder-ful experience that love letter was for you. you really opened something.

  3. I'm so glad you wrote this, Friday or not. It's so easy to be drawn in by this desire to think positively, feel gratitude, be joyful. These are all things I want, but in my search for them, I fear I sometimes push the "negative" away, refusing to acknowledge it and missing out on the lessons it could teach me.

    And that love letter ... so beautiful. Thanks, Jess.

  4. This is really beautiful and exactly what I need to allow into my life right now.
    The letter to you human self also really intrigues me and makes me want to stop and consider my own feelings.
    I'm so glad I found your blog through Vibrant Wanderings.

    1. thank you so much for stopping by. Looking forward to getting to know you! :)


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