Friday, April 6, 2012

keeping it real

I am really diggin this keeping it real challenge with Ink & Chai. It helps me to be present and not judge myself and my tendency to strive for perfect in check.  I also enjoy the sense of community this post brings.  I appreciate the opportunity to see other women, who I admire and view as strong, in real light dealing with life just like little ol' me.

huge blowout complete with sulking
spinning wheels way too often
missing my one day a month for just me
realizing how physically weak I have become
being way too hot in early spring
getting a late start in the garden

family birthday party
working through conflict
zen work
buttermilk waffles
massage gift
garden prep
opening day at our local farmer's market
channeling Cory for some thrifting finds

Have a super weekend xoxo


  1. "missing my one day a month for just me"
    BUMMER! just one day a month? sheesh. i'm supposed to get one afternoon a week - haven't had that in..... over a month. tough huh?

    "realizing how physically weak I have become"
    i'm hoping you're referring to fitness rather than illness.

    zen work - excellent!

    have a joyful weekend!

    1. If I don't get my me time I starting turning into someone I don't like very much, and yes it is fitness had to mow the grass with a pushing lawnmower and it kicked my butt!

  2. I think next month you should have 3 days for you. One regular, one to make up for the lost one, and one because we need more than one freaking day a month for us, damn it!!! ;) Although, I haven't had a day for just me in forever. :(

    I love farmers markets!!! Luckily we have an indoor one here for winters. Not much in fresh produce, other than onions, potatoes, and garlic, but they do have a lot of fresh bakery goods, jams and such. I love them!! Sweet garden!

    1. I am so spreading the word that I need 3 days next month :)

  3. I know what it feels like to be too hot...I am quickly learning to adapt. I'm looking forward to our farmers market which should be opening up soon!!

  4. Oh, not getting your time to yourself is rough! So glad you eventually got to start your garden, and I'm hoping you eventually get that "you" time, too. I'm really loving this keeping it real thing, too, even I have only been a spectator so far. I'm late, but I started my first edition tonight!

  5. awww. I love that thrifty thus. was part of your highs!
    is that your garden space? because that looks AMAZING! WOW!!! Let's see more of that! Hope you are feeling wonderful today and getting some much needed time to yourself.
    Sending a big hug.

  6. There's something cathartic about a sulky moment!

    Personally, I'm so glad we're able to find the highs despite the lows. I like this link up!


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