Friday, May 4, 2012

Flip Flop

I am cleansing, had a bunch of unexpected junk/baggage show up and it needs to go. It serves no purpose now 'cept weighing my mind. Yay, for keeping it real with Monica, for allowing a cleanse.

Flop Side
several survive this moments
my phone (my camera) got fried
no phone for 5 days
less time with the hubs
sickness lingering
80+ degree weather
My flops this week were all proceeded by, "Are you freakin' kidding me?!" Ya know one of those kinda weeks.

Flip Side
nighttime rain for the garden
new flowers planted 
white sage seeds started
The Badger excelling in school
A wonderful visit with my parents
throwing my hands up and deciding to be me

Let's have a happy weekend! Everyone up for it? Good. 


  1. whatya do to your phone?

    "throwing my hands up and deciding to be me"
    lol, i LOVE the sound of that!

    seems a lot of us are either ill or have ill little ones, and lingering. mine is still coughing, albeit today better.

    hope the weekend has health and fun for you all.

    1. I didn't do anything, Monica. Really I didn't. Or at least I don't think I did ;) Who knows. I got it back now. Was a little disturbed by how dependent on it I had become.
      I wonder if we are passing around a virtual bug ;)

  2. can't see the pic.
    am I missing something?

    when all else fails, yes: throw up your hands and be you. I love it!

  3. being you is the best. sorry about the time with your husband...hoping you get to reconnect over the weekend.

  4. I can feel the magic from that photo all the way up here! :)

    Rob and I have spent so much time apart the last 7 years (owning our own business, him going back to school, now crazy work hours), it's become the norm. :(

    We had an amazing night rain and powerful thunderstorms last night. LOVED IT!! Flowers and white sage - lovely.

    Hope you have a peaceful weekend, friend.


  5. "Are you freaking kidding me"...yep have had a few of those myself this week. Let's hear it for the weekend!!! Hope you have a good one!

  6. I cannot imagine no phone for five days! That is how I connect with the kids. Well I hope you have more flips than flops next week, feel better.

  7. Ah! No phone would toss me for a loop! Although sometimes being disconnected from the rest of the world is cleansing for me. I love the "deciding to be me", it's been a month a newness for me in that area and I'm loving it oh so much. I was hiding behind so many labels, "momma", "wife", "friend", "sister-in-law". Those labels were holding me back from so much. I'm just me this month and not only have I flourished but so have all my other relationships. Hmmmm....who would have thought. Hope your weekend is rejuvenating!

    1. Aren't the labels so exhausting! I kept them for comfort for a long time. While a little scary without them, its a good scary

  8. "Those" weeks can feel endless sometimes, but hopefully the cleanse and a bit of reflection was just what you needed to start fresh. I'll be sending healthy thoughts your way! xoxo


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