Monday, May 7, 2012


Usually weekends are used to decompress from the week, well at least that is what we like to use 'em for. This weekend was an exception. It was a windup, putting things in place to make it through a week of challenges. There were, of course, sprinkles of breathers...




last match of the season, the Owl feeling very proud of himself
full moon campfire, complete with s'mores
help from my family
talks with my sisters (always therapeutic)

joining Amanda for weekending

*posts and visits maybe sketchy this week, remember I said this was a week of challenges? Well, one hurdle at a time. Could be for some monumental break-throughs or breakdowns (ooo I see a keepin it real header)  


  1. "Could be for some monumental break-throughs or breakdowns" -- could have typed that myself. We've got a week of challenges too so I'm laying low and keeping my head down.

    I hope your week goes better than you could hope!

  2. Aren't sisters the best? I am glad I have one. I hope your week ahead is tender to you.

  3. help from family - will be most appreciative of this one this week. going CRAZY!!!

    so lucky to have had a full moon campfire. I went out with a cup of tea to watch the full moon and meteor shower, only to watch the clouds roll in instead. :(

    hoping the week brings you some peaceful breakthroughs.


    1. You are going crazy too?!
      aww sorry you missed the moon, I am sure you felt its magic though.

  4. I'll be thinking of you this week, and hoping that if any breakdowns do come your way, they'll be productive and worthwhile. Thank goodness for family - especially sisters!

  5. I love bon-fires. I miss my backyard where we used to live and have them almost every night in the summer.
    Yes...weekend decompressing - I so get that.
    blessings for the week ahead.


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