Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I truly believe we are all in this together, this world, this life, manifesting our destinies under and over each other. As an empath, I feel this connection deeply and it sways me. Yet the most powerful feeling to me is that most don't feel this connection and treat each other with such disdain and judgement. Creating fears and insecurities, stripping sweet little souls of their ability to connect and sing their heart song. My number one mama job is to help my children always hear their heart song and trust it. 

I have long been a fan of Lunch with Bokara. Her willingness to help open people's minds and hearts is a gift. This is one of my favorite episodes, yes it is a little long but it is full of information. Community. Community can be a saving grace, if we see each other as an asset and not a threat. Let's help each other find, use and honor our purpose, whatever it may be.

I am loving this blogging community. How we are here for each other, never met, never judging ever loving...


  1. I found you through Bohemian Mom. I loved your comment there. That Good moms don't judge themselves or other moms. I thought you said everything that needed to be said with very few words.

  2. Thank you, that really means a lot to me

  3. haven't checked out the link, and may not have time to til later.
    but just wanted to say that you are a wish woman and I'm with you so much.
    it's not easy to walk through this world with your heart open, but someone's got to do it.

  4. WISE woman, is what I meant. YOu are a wise woman. YOu may be a wish woman as well. I know I am.

    1. and my heart swelled! Thank you so much Cory. It is SO not easy to walk open-hearted, and when someone gets it and lets you know, that's the connection! You are right someone's gotta do it. Be the change, right?! And yep I am totally a wish woman :) xo


Thank you so much for bringing your energy! It fills me up to see your comments xoxo