Monday, May 14, 2012


I made it through the jungle, led to a village of children laughing by a loving strong hand belonging to the love of my life. He came home and like the bigger part of me, felt the weakness in my spirit and swooped me up despite his fatigue and saved me.

There was no worry this weekend
There was no fear
There were dinners out and no dishes
There was several hours spent in a salon 
And a new 'do

There were no expectations
There was laughter much laughter
There were handpicked flowers, handmade cards and gifts
There were hugs and kisses
And love, oh there was so much love 

How did I get so lucky? 
I musta been real good in my other lives. 

Joining Amanda for weekending


  1. Sounds like the perfect Mother's Day Jess. And a new 'do? Will we get to see?
    Btw, I think you're good period. Past, present, and future ma friend :).

  2. yay! sounds like a much needed spoiling :) hope your time and pampering was restorative!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. x

  4. Good for you! Sometimes we need a good spoiling to bring us back to ourselves.

  5. wonderful! what a brilliant way to spend it after the recent challenges.
    "several hours spent in a salon" wow, what bliss!

  6. Yay! What a wonderful man you have to sense your needs! So glad to hear you were spoiled! Let's see the new do!

  7. A perfect weekend that you deserved! Glad you had a restorative loving day(s)!!

  8. sweet. you brought tears to my eyes too.
    you deserve to feel all that love around you.
    So happy for you!

  9. This is wonderful to hear! I'm so glad you've made it through the jungle, and been enveloped in love. I'm sure you deserve every bit of it!


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