Friday, May 11, 2012

For Real

Almost out of the jungle. My husband has been out of town since early Sunday morning and, though I have had tons of family help and support, I still feel as though I am coming undone. I have tremendous respect for single parents and those who do the traveling or military spouse on a regular basis. This has been a very trying time and may have been the thing that nudged me closer to outside intervention for my anxieties. We shall see...

no me time
no sleep
kicking the shit out of a cabinet
hurting my foot (karma)
my very first experience with the terrible two's 
not being able to comment on some of my favorite blogs
dragging kids out to store only to forget the thing we went for
no milk

watching the Owl's pre-school program
meals cooked by family
love, love, love
my boys steppin up 
my papa getting stronger

D will be back this afternoon. I plan to hug his neck and then jump in the car and flee. NO I am only kidding (kinda) Hope you guys have a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend. I am taking the two days off. I think I kinda earned it :) 
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  1. ("kicking the shit out of a cabinet
    hurting my foot (karma)")....laughed out loud - hope you don't mind!
    Papa getting stronger is definitely good news, and love & music can make the world go 'round!
    Happy Friday :)

    1. you gotta laugh at that stuff :)
      love and music love and music sprinkled with art and ahhhh....

  2. i love my man, but we actually get some peace and a bit of a better rhythm just the two of us LOL

    oh boy am i ready for me time - zero for 2 months.

    "my papa getting stronger" - excellent!
    and yes to surviving. you're one strong mama.

    have a beautiful and relaxing weekend.

  3. You definitely earned it! I love the idea of getting in the car to flee. Parenting without a partner around to help is rough, but it sounds like you handled it as gracefully as a perfectly human mama could be expected to. My husband was two hours late this evening, and I honestly thought I would cry when I found out he wasn't going to be home to help at dinnertime. Some days are rough. Ah, but I'm glad there were some positive things that kept you from unraveling altogether. Enjoy some well-deserved rest this weekend!

  4. I always disliked flying solo around here. My anxieties have been managed with my hobbies and waiting for another day. I will be thinking of you as you grasp you "me" time and get centered once again!!

  5. guess what? When my oldest was two I slammed the toilet seat up so hard I broke the porcelain on the back. i also would take full bags of chips and squeeze and hit them, breaking all the chips inside. those were some of the ways I suddenly let my frustration out when she drove me crazy. hey, it's better than spanking the kid, right?
    I love your honesty.
    big hugs and love from here,

    1. Oh Cory, I love the chip thing I am so gonna try that next time.

  6. A hurt foot and not commenting on other blogs--two we have in common. But the good stuff, oh thank god for the good stuff--love, dad getting stronger, forgiveness, music, I love your list this week!!!! And that pic of you and your boy, gorgeous Jess...
    wishing you a loving and restful weekend my friend!

  7. Enjoy your two days!!!! You definetly earned them. And Happy Mother's Day to you, I hope your weekend is full of rest, happiness and laughter.

  8. gaaaa!!! gorgeous pic!!

    we haven't remodeled our kitchen, yet, so they still have the metal cabinets from the 40's. I got really pissed one day, kicked the side of the cabinet so hard I put a dent in it. messed up the alignment of the counters. now, every once in a while, if you lean on the corner of the counter too hard, it almost falls off!!! LMAO!!

    so glad to hear about your papa!! enjoy your break, and your mama's day. hope you get some rest!!


    1. now I'm having problems commenting!!! hence the deleted comment. :)

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  10. oooh...i adore that photo!!!

    i totally understand your frustrations....the toddler years are quite behind me now, but i'm quite certain i didn't have any wrinkles or grey hairs up to that i have lots. and i've earned every one of them!! ;)

    glad your hubs will be home soon...and that your papa is doing well!

    have a beautiful weekend..xo

    1. I am feeling my greys coming and yep I can see how one feels entitled to them!

  11. Wishing you a happy Mothers Day... what a wonderful photo.x


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