Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

First off, thank you so much guys for your kind words the other day. In my my heart I know we are all connected, but it sure is a wonderful reminder to see it manifest. I am learning to be gentle with myself and this blog and the people who visit it have been a more powerful catalyst than I could have EVER imagined. I am eternally grateful and hope I am afforded the opportunity to repay in some way.

My post will be short and to the point this week, I missed last week and couldn't bare to miss two in a row. Not too long ago I got to fix up a little spot in my house for my artistic endeavors. I found myself missing something, that light bulb over my head that illuminates all projects. Literally, I needed a task light. I have a stash at my house of all the goodies I collect at the thrift store that haven't found their purpose yet, I went to said stash and found the perfect thang.

Its the wire bottom of a hanging plant holder and I think I paid 50 cents for it. The hole was the perfect size to slip this old pendant light fixture through and voila. My task light. I may jazz up the shade, you know spray paint or wrap it with twine. Until that inspiration hits me I'll keep it just like it is


Joining thrift master Cory at Lady Cordelia.


  1. I love the light! How perfect that it's above your head in your creative space ;)

    I hope the week is moving along fairly peacefully and that if you're not out of the jungle yet, you're getting close. xo

  2. Very mod cool! Don't you just love when we can look at things and see a whole new life for them?

  3. that is AMAZING!!!!
    wow! how great is that??!
    I want one.


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