Saturday, June 2, 2012


This week I have been quiet and in transition. Trying to figure out where I am going. Only to let go and float. Float to someplace higher. 

What a glorious ride when we let go and ride life like a feather at mercy yet with purpose.

I have watched your triumphs and valleys and went up and down with you in each one, quietly. I am thinking I will be back on Monday, but we shall see where this ride will take me. Higher? Could be. Grounded with a new perspective? Quite possibly. Much love to you sweets,  I am with you and I enjoy every word.


  1. Enjoy the ride!!! I hope it takes you someplace magical and beautiful.


  2. Oh, enjoy! I absolutely love you're willingness to take the ride and see where it takes you! I hope it has been better than you imagined.


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