Monday, June 4, 2012

Sweet Rewards

Confession, my kids have never had chores. Defense: they are only 6,4, 23 months and 8 months and we do ask them to help out. Buuuut, they have never had set jobs and rewards for doing said jobs. Until NOW! Yep, I finally threw my perfectionist caution to the wind (well not completely I researched for a couple of weeks trying to find the "best" fit for us) and just went with something. I went with something, uh-huh I did.  And crossed some fingers hoping it would stick. So far, it be stickin.

The boys got to work creating their charts, They really got into it. 

Finsihed charts, Are they not AWESOME?! I was really proud of how they turned out. They helped come up with their jobs and the numbers represent the points they get for completed jobs.
The Owl says moving the clothespins to the done side is so fun. 

One of the huge issues I had in starting our chores was the chart, don't ask me why I focus on stuff like that. I don't know why, and yes I know it is silly to not do chores because you can't find a chart you are ok with. Its one of my issues and I am dealing with it, I promise. K? But I had a hard time being ok with using lots of posterboard and stickers, so wasteful. I am wasteful in other areas, I don't need to tack this onto my list. So I found the idea on pinterest and fell in love. Yeah I had to buy the door hangers, but that was it and the chores can grow and change with them or even turn into true door hangers. 

 So after a week of jobs, the points were ready to be spent. I gave them a choice of three big prizes and the one they both jumped on was hotel night. The looks one their faces when I explained what was in store was priceless! Seriously, it was one of the best things ever in my whole life.

They checked in Sat. night with their room keys (old credit cards covered with paper, had I been better prepared I woulda printed somethin out)

Upon entering their room, they were greeted with kisses on their pillows, a t.v. and dvd player. They also got to order room service chicken tenders, mac and cheese shirley temples for beverage and dippin' dots for dessert. 

They loved it. I got called the best mom ever like 100 times. Honestly, I think I got the sweeter reward in the deal


  1. You are the best mom ever Jess!! Hotel night--how awesome is that! Love the chocolates on the pillows, too!!

  2. You are so creative! I would do a week of chores for hotel night :) I think the kids are having a ton of fun doing their jobs and so are you.

  3. a few chores are good for kiddos- especially when they are asked to do them in such love and with such sweet rewards.

  4. i love the hotel idea!!! so creative and such a treat for them. you are an awesome mama!

  5. I love this idea!!

    I hang my head as I admit that I haven't given the kids some more responsibilities around the house. I know it's because I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning. I don't allow anyone to help. I get anxiety if someone else tries, in my head I'm constantly cringing and criticizing, so I do it myself. At the same time, it would be such a load off if I let someone lend a helping hand. I don't know, I've been a sahm for 9 years. This house has become my identity. Rob leaves for work, he has his own job, one that he can be very proud of. The house is MINE. Letting someone else have control of how it is run, no matter how small the detail, is very, very hard. Silly, I know. But, I really think I may have to borrow this idea, get some door hangers, and start assigning chores. I'm getting overwhelmed!! :)


    1. Oh I'm right there with ya. The house is my domain and I like things done a certain way. When someone "pitches in" and is all willy-nilly with "my" space I start to tick ;)
      I have given the kiddos little jobs, and I am usually supervising, but hey they are learning and finding out how important it is to pitch in. I personally feel the mama sets the tone of the house, but a lot of little personalities live there too and they need to know their energy can be helpful and powerful in creating their environment. Plus the feel a sense of accomplishment when all their pins are on one side.
      I am not however keen on money as payment, damn anti-consumerist mom ;) They are privileged to trade deeds for experiences, the more magical the better!!
      I say go for it!

  6. i love your choice of chart. and the hotel night is so cool!! nice when the rewards go both ways lol

  7. Hello hello! I'm back from my trip and I've MISSED you! What a brilliant idea with the chore chart and Hotel Night is beyond smart! I can totally see myself doing this in a couple years! Thanks for the great idea! Off to catch up on the rest of your posts! Have a lovely weekend!


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