Monday, February 4, 2013

fly by

My weekend flew by. I knew it would, it was one of those packed full of doing from Friday through Sunday. There were snow flurries, visits with old high school basketball friends, fevers, thrift store scores, crayon making, heart knot tying and dances of course. It was fun, exhausting and productive. Ahhhhh....


  1. They always seem to fly by for us, too. I have never seen heart knots. Those are so neat! I hope that whoever had the fevers is well now.

  2. that good sort of tired! sorry about the fevers though.

  3. that last photo is so precious. I miss tiny hands. they get big so much faster than I am prepared for.

  4. Your photos are wonderful Jess!!! Glad you had such a action packed satisfying weekend :).


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