Monday, February 11, 2013


Cloud 9 came to my bedside at 5 am on Saturday . That rarely happens, so I totally skipped the slippers and hopped on. All morning I rode that cloud. Knowing that clouds thrive in the out of doors, I rode my cloud right out the backdoor and joined the chickens and other critters (some human some not) enjoying their Saturday.
The weather was surreal, 57 sunny and soft breeze. 
They walked and rode scooters over to cousins' for a cardboard zombie fight. I floated on my cloud watching in awe as my gifts led the way. I floated on my cloud as the sun warmed me to my core and allowed the breeze to carry my love and gratitude through the air to those in need.
Saturday I truly lived.


  1. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! I'm always so thankful for days like those :)

  2. Wow, it sounds like you had the *best* day. Cloud 9 needs to visit me sometime soon...but with a huge helping of sunshine and warmth!! X

  3. I love days like that. It as if everything in the cosmos is smooth and in tune....

  4. Love!! May cloud nine visit you over and over again!! ( and maybe swing by here for quick visit please ;).

  5. woooo hooo!!!! so glad you enjoyed the ride!

    zombie fights...awesome!

  6. so wonderful to have these days, especially amongst crazier ones.

  7. these kind s of days are my favourite and so good for the soul

    love and light

  8. good to hear, my friend!
    Keep it going!


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