Thursday, February 14, 2013


I loooove to love. 
Love, love, love to love. 
Authentic true, soul level love. 

So on this commercialized day of plastic, sugar, manufactured surface level love, I could easily get sick to my stomach. Except, I love to love. 
I love to see the word "LOVE" plastered on things. I love to see a clumsy burly teenager carrying a white bear and a balloon. Some people need the security of an organized holiday to show their heart.  I get that.
I kinda feel like Valentine's Day is like a big dance and everyone is doing the waltz. They got the right idea, but they are missing the point. So hell yeah, if there's a dance I am going, but Ima do my own thing. 

There is great possibility when the scared and unaware choose to celebrate love. I'm going to tune in and kick it up a notch! 

Much, much pure love to you today my friends!!! You are loved and appreciated on the deepest level. 


  1. It's not really my style but today I too got out of my usuall zone and loved myself a little more... Love to you too

  2. such a treat to see your lovely face.

  3. beautifully said, beautiful you!


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