Thursday, July 12, 2012


Yesterday was my parents' anniversary, they always said they chose 7-11 because they needed all the luck they could get. They knew their love would not be easy, and 37 years later full of highs and lows, love and frustration, births and deaths, they get to sit on their deck, hold hands and look at each other with true, unquestionable love. Their commitment to walking their paths together is inspiring to me. In honor of this special anniversary, since we almost lost my papa, the kids and I made a special "path" marker. To remind them of their journey. 
their wedding picture

We found a large rock in our yard, cleaned it and then painted it with acrylic paints. When it was dry I coated it with clear varnish. We blessed it with love and placed it in my parents' flower garden.


  1. That is a lovely idea for an anniversary gift. Happy anniversary to your parents!

  2. what a beautiful tribute
    what a blessing to have parents who have given you such an was something my parents gave to me as well
    watching true love live is a True Gift

    love and light

  3. What a perfect gift. I'm sure they'll treasure it. I so admire the living relationship you have with your parents and am so glad you all still have your papa with you!

  4. what a sweet sweet gift. and loved hearing about your parents. i have always desired that sort of enduring love. the image of them on the deck is wonderful.
    enjoy your weekend lovely one!

  5. 37 years...such a beautiful inspiration!!!! and a beautiful gift to honor them. :)



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