Friday, July 13, 2012

In-Tending 2

This week has been a very busy one, planning the Little Birdie's 2nd birthday party. I don't do over the top extravagant, but I do themes, decorations and favors. To me a little one's birthday celebration is the ultimate in joy gathering/creating. So prepping for her big day, creating things with love and purpose has been great work for me this week. I won't lie it has been stressful too, but I am doing my best to be fluid and go with the flow, trusting the process, knowing that "setbacks" are actually gateways to "better" things.

To find my center in this party hoopla, I have been tending my future meditation porch. We have a small 12x12 deck off the back of our house and we envision screening it in and making it our sacred space. Filling it with powerful objects and using it daily. I am not sure when time and finances will allow for this transformation, yet I go out there daily and sit. I fill myself with joy and visions of a finished space. I sit with the feeling my porch is exactly the way I want it and center myself as I would if the space were "finished".

I am off to make more celebration goodies, I promise I am being as eco-friendly as possible, recycle, recycle! Have a wonderful weekend. xo


  1. lovely outlook off that porch.

    it's more american this business with themes and favors for kiddos. i have to admit to favoring the european way - just lots of good food, music, adults drinking and chatting, and kids screaming, running and laughing with abandon. lol

  2. That is a lovely view! I always stressed about birthday parties. My favorite one was when my son turned three and he invited two other friends and they played :)

  3. Your porch looks like a perfect place for meditation. I look forward to seeing what you do with it! I was just looking out the window at my own porch this morning and envisioning it as a relaxing space for me and the little ones. I'll wait patiently for the time and money for that one, too!

    Enjoy the birthday preparations and celebration!

  4. I love your porch as it is and I bet it will be perfectly lovely as a meditation place. I am visiting from Amanda's blog:) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! ~Barefoot Mama

  5. What a beautiful view!! I hope your Little Birdie had a wonderful birthday and Mama found some me-time!!

  6. beautiful view! hope Little Birdie enjoyed the festivities.


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