Thursday, July 26, 2012


A need for more light in my living room started the evolution of one of my new favorite spots. A "new" gold tree was the icing on the cake.  All of these items I had, with the exception of the gold tree, and they were just hanging around in disarray waiting for their spot.  It came together effortlessly, with purpose and without expectations. And most importantly with love and respect, as each item is either thrifted or from Mother Nature. Ain't life grand?!


  1. Gorgeous! And Pottery Barn would be charging an arm and a leg for that same look! Beautiful job :)

  2. beautiful
    there is an air of peace and calm in that space
    love how we can do that in our homes

    thanks for this visual mama

    love and light

  3. what a sweet tree!
    the spot looks very restful, perfect with a book and cuppa ;)

  4. Love that gold vintage-y!


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