Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The wrong lane... (explicit version) LOL

Do you ever have those moments where you are driving down the road and you're like
"Waaait a minute, where the hell am I going?"
"Oh shit I am in the wrong lane. I am in the wrong friggin' lane! DAMNITTTTTTT!"

Yep I forgot where I was going and ended up in the wrong friggin lane. I went somewhere I was sooo not trying to go. It was one of those places, kinda uhhh...  run-down, neglected, but romantic and nostalgic. Hindsight you think "whoa that place was really awful, kinda scary. I mean it was very intriguing, but shit, I can't believe I drove through that place *shutter*"

Shit I can't believe I drove through that place. 


  1. pmsl!!!
    nice one!

    love and light

  2. the thrills and scares f the wrong lane. lol

  3. had one of those moments last month on the way home from my birthday trip. wasn't the wrong lane as much as it was driving in the middle of nowhere at 7 pm with three hungry kids desperately looking for a place to eat. got off the exit to be smack in the middle of scared-as-shit-ville!!! then got lost trying to turn around to get back on the highway! i thought places like that only existed in movies.

  4. Haha! Right there with ya! How about wrong lane, wrong side of the road? That's where I've been this week! Love to you and yours!


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