Friday, November 30, 2012

Joy Pockets returns!

When I first started blogging one of the most inspiring sites was Monica's Holistic Mama. I finally found kindred mamas who question and strive for the same things I find important. It gave me so much validation in my mamahood path. Today after a long hiatus I 'm joining joy pockets again. Yay!!

My boys had a moment, a life lesson moment. A gifting that swells my soul so much I have been floating ever since. The Owl believes in being just and fair and when he feels he is being scammed a fierce hurt consumes him. The Wolf pushed too far and watched as his brother erupted in pain and anger. Typically when this happens, the Wolf rolls his eyes says "sorrryee" and leaves, this time he reached out to his brother and helped him realize the emotions swirling around them, and they took control of the situation. At 5 and 7 years old (and males)!!  After the resolution, the love shared between the two was unreal, angelic. Their dad said it was like a Love Potion #9 bomb exploded in the house. It was awesome.

Wishing you a calm and love soaked weekend xoxo


  1. wow.
    it's interesting too, how pain and conflict can lead to deepening self-awareness or love.


  2. what an amazing and beautiful moment, for them and for their mama.


  3. Thats fantastic....I do love beautiful sibling moments like this...


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