Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I believe one of my gifts this time is to see other's hearts. I am able to look past ego and see their pain. When I was younger, it really worked to my advantage. I used it many times to convince others of my plight. I was very powerful, not necessarily in a bad way, but my opinions held a lot of weight.

Then one summer, it shifted. I was 20 and I got very sick, I spent almost a year of my life in bed or a dr.'s office and scared. When I had recovered,  my gift of "sight" had strengthened, but my ability to use it as advantaged gone. I had little boundaries, and gave energy to those undeserving. I lost a lot of my power, no I gave it up. I was ashamed of my power.

Things are swirly for me now. I need my power more than ever. My babes need a Mama Brave. Who uses her instinct, her knowledge and gifts to blaze a trail as we walk our Earth journey together. There are strange and wonderful things happening here. There is much yelling, there is much singing. I hear both. I feel both. I pray my voice is the clearest.


  1. reclaim it!!

    that's the thing with illness, it softens boundaries, it can have us dissolve into the Unity of All, or become more vulnerable in a tough world. or both!

  2. I think, as children, we are filled with so much power and capable of so much magic. Like a sixth sense. As we get older and deal with life, are faced with "reality", we lose our abilities. Perhaps through societal views, taking other's opinions to heart, our own fears. The beautiful thing is it's never too late, we're never too old, to regain that magic. You have a power. Own it! Be proud of it!


  3. I will pray for that as will Mama
    holding space for you and your voice

    love and light


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