Tuesday, November 27, 2012

shine on

So, there's this book club comprised of my husband's extended female family and their friends, and I am a member. Oh and they are all Catholic and I am not. Now, I know some might think "why in the hell, would you choose to hang out socially with that crew?"

Well there are three good reasons.
 1. They love me AND my children very much and I love them.
 2. They are wonderful people
3. I don't have many friends and I have no friends in my town.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do feel out of place. Our last book club I was corrected Global warming is not real; shit happens and it is cyclical. One time I learned African-Americans miss being slaves and that is why they stay on welfare. Oh and somehow we always end up talking about abortion. While most of the time I stand alone in my "bleeding heart" views, I am there. I am being a yin to their yang, and I believe that is so important. It makes some uncomfortable, talking about things such as religion, politics, human suffering, women's rights etc. So in order to prevent idle minds and mouths we are having a costume jewelry swap and the next meeting! 

I am totally stoked! Why on earth would I want to talk to other women about helping others or how the book at hand relates to present day society and how we can learn and grown from that when I could drink wine and get a new necklace!!!  

It is hard, being surrounded by those who think you are different, or who feel they must save you from your ignorance. Even harder, when those people's words or actions come from a dark place. I know. I don't get out much because of it. Yet I know the reason I am on this Earth is to keep my light shining,protected from situations and people who diminish it and to never dwindle another's. 

A kindred told me this morning "We can't always be the light bringers. Sometimes one needs to vent so we don't get consumed by the dark shit."  So I vented just a little bit. Thanks guys I feel so much brighter! 


  1. wow
    i think I know that crowd....
    good for you for "going there"
    it is hard
    i am involved with a non profit in which I am one of the very few non-churchies
    it can be tough, but I know why I am there and I know all I need to be is me
    i guess more than ever I learn..learn who I want to be through them...ya know
    and also I want to remain humbles because we all have our prejudice and I want to remember that...I am ok if we don't see eye to eye, I just want to be respected in the process
    I am glad you vented
    it helps me know someone else gets it too.....

    love and light

  2. "African-Americans miss being slaves and that is why they stay on welfare"


    keep shining your beautiful light soul-sister! that is one tough crowd!

  3. I don't know whether to laugh or cry! oh, wow. I guess it's good to know my family isn't the only one with bats flying high!!!

  4. Oh my, the force is strong with you my friend. What I mean to say is, love is the only path to forgiving the differences between us all. Practicing patience and tolerance is like growing a muscle, and eventually the rewards outweigh the challenges if we rise to the occasion. Yes, the force is strong with you :).


Thank you so much for bringing your energy! It fills me up to see your comments xoxo